Delegate Information

2022 Delegate Participation

2022 Delegate Application 

Service as a Delegate requires your participation. The duties of a Pennsylvania ENA Delegate include:

  1. Participation in the 2022 General Assembly online orientation and submission of the certificate to the delegate captain no later than the due date.
  2. Attendance for the entirety of the August State Delegate Meeting (August 11, 2022), in order to review and discuss the proposed Bylaw Amendments and Resolutions that will be presented at the General Assembly (in-person and virtual attendance accepted).
  3. 100% attendance at the GA sessions at EN2022 in Denver, CO, September 28 & 29, 2022.
  4. A commitment to work a minimum of one-half hour in the Pennsylvania State Council Booth in the Exhibit Hall (if rented).
  5. You must wear the clothing/colors decided upon to all General Assembly sessions.

You will receive a stipend for your service as a delegate to the Pennsylvania State Council. In order to receive this stipend, you must fulfill all requirements. The Pennsylvania State Council reserves the right to reduce the stipend based on participation or not reimburse if all of the listed requirements are not fulfilled.

Signing below acknowledges your understanding and willingness to comply with these requirements. All certifications must have current certification cards attached.

The State Council Officers reserve the right to verify any points/application with the applicant’s Chapter President.

Delegate applications are due NO LATER THAN JUNE 15, 2022.

You will be notified of your selection NO LATER THAN JUNE 30, 2022.

Please send all applications to Delegate Captain Bev Mueller at

Please list your name and “Delegate Application” in the subject line