President's Newsletter

From the Pennsylvania State President

Thank you for taking out time in your busy day to read the 1st edition of the 2022 PA State ENA Newsletter.  Also, I want to express appreciation to you for all you do!  I understand in today’s world, life is ever changing and is so fast paced!   We all receive emails galore and trust me, I myself just start clicking to delete a few of those hundreds received daily!  This is the reason why we have initiated the newsletter.  It is something different, therefore will be an eye-catcher, that will catch your eye and interest to read.

There are many purposes in initiating the newsletter.

  1. Different choice for communication.  We are all so busy that going through emails sometimes it is just a click and delete!  With a newsletter, we want whole stories, not just snippets to click and delete!  
  2. Location for every PA Chapter to inform others of the chapter’s activities and any upcoming events.  Have some money-making projects going on – advertise them here!
  3. Location to celebrate.  Have you followed the National Member Spotlight?  This could be completed statewide, just write who you are spotlighting in your chapter.  We will publish it in the newsletter for everyone to see.  
  4. Education for the website.  How many times has someone told you, it is on the PA connect or on the ENA website – but where.  We will have little “tricks of the site” to educate everyone where the information is located.  

In Pennsylvania, our organization is designed on a three-tier system.  You have your local chapter (which you can choose which one for you to join), the state council, and national ENA.  ENA lays the groundwork of by-laws and Standards of Procedures in which all our levels will operate.  State council meets quarterly in State College.  National ENA holds national conferences (positively great for networking and fun), or as an alternative, explore ENA University on the website.        

In January our ENA President, Jennifer Schmitz, gave us her motto for her presidency.    “Recharge ENA -----  find ways that work for you to pause, reflect, and recharge.  What better motto is needed at this time?  What have the last two years been to you?  Has it changed your feelings as to our profession, our organization, or yourselves as a whole?  Our fast-paced profession is constantly leading into that stressful environment.  As the ED Nurse, you move right into that stress, but with the unique skill set that gives you the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected.  You have the ability to immediately investigate and intervene for your patients and probably in your home life as well!  What fantastic attributes we all carry.  

How to maintain all of this?  ENA is there for you!!!  Become active in your organization.  Your local chapter offers meetings, educations, projects, and companionship!!!   The State PA ENA meets quarterly in State College, check the PA Connect website for details of the meetings and offers a yearly conference for education and networking.  Join ENA, maintain your membership, become active, and connect with your nursing professionals to pause, reflect, and recharge yourselves.  Join us.