Mary Bailey Education Award

Mary Bailey Education award was established in 1998.  It is awarded each year by the PA ENA State Council to honor the many educational contributions of Mary Bailey RN.  The award is given to the PA ENA member that has made significant contributions to the eduation of colleagues, students, EMS providers, patients, families and/or consumers of emergency health care. Recipients of the award  are as follows:
1998           Mary Bailey

1999           Kay Bleecher

2000           Karen Klein

2001           Michele Buraczewski

2002           Mary Jo Cerepani

2003           Cynthia Blank Reid

2004           Linda Snyder

2005           Susan Rolniak

2006           Michael Whalen

2007           Ann Marie Papa

2008           Denise Ramponi

2009           Annamarie DeRoberts

2010           Joyce Foresman-Capuzzi

2011          Janet Murray

2012          Jean Vanella

2013         Deborah Clark

2014        Lisa Eckenrode

2015        Louise Hummel

2016        Faith Colen

2017        Karen Batok

2018        Theresa Ressler 

2019        Christine Ekas 

2020         Linda Zidek

2021         Millie Fincke

2022         Cheryl Ann MacDonald-Sweet

2023          Kelly Bedner