Mildred Fincke Memorial Endowment Scholarship

As of January 2021, the scholarship is fully endowed. However, it is the responsibility of the Pennsylvania State Council to continue to support this fund so that the scholarship may be awarded annually. 
If you choose to donate to the ENA foundation, your monies can be allocated to the Mildred Fincke Scholarship which PA ENA is sponsoring.  Each donation is tax deductible. You can put a request to have your donation allocated to this scholarship.

Who is Millie?
In 1975 Millie attended a conference and became fascinated by helicopter programs. She believed that due to the topography in Pittsburgh that this would help save lives. Amid initiatives to make Allegheny General the home of the first dedicated trauma ICU in the state, get a nurse-practitioner program off the ground and upgrade emergency services all around, she sought help to bring air medical transport to Pittsburgh. Her dream came to fruition in 1978. Millie also served as VP or nursing and President of National ENA.