Committee Chairs

All committees are currently accepting new members. If you are interested, please email the committee chair and the address below.
Many committees will meet during the lunch break at State Council meeting (in-person and via Zoom).

Advance Practice Chair / Nursing Practice Chair

Gina Slobogin

Awards / Elections & Nominations Chair

Deborah Clark

Communications Chair

Cheryl MacDonald Sweet

Delegate/General Assembly Chair

Beverly Mueller

Communications - Social Media Chair
Sam Pavelka/ Bequie Perry

ENA Board Liaison

Chris Parker

ENA Foundation Liaison

Christine Russe

Finance Chair

Sharon Sites

Fundraising Chair

Tracey Rush

SOPs / Bylaws

Kathy Robinson

Government Affairs Chair

Megan Parks


Donna Galbraith

Membership Chair

Linda Zidek

TNCC/Trauma Chair

Michele Buraczewski
Horizons Chair 2024 Kay Ella Bleecher
ENPC/Pediatric Chair

Brian Rodgers

Committee Goals

Advance Practice / Nursing Practice

  • Provide subject matter expertise for nursing and advanced practice nursing issues
  • Generate ideas for nursing and advanced practice nursing program development and implementation in accordance with ENA’s strategic plan
  • Review and provide feedback on educational content and other ENA initiatives as requested
  • Collaborate with conference education planning committee to enhance the RN/APRN conference experience


  • Encourage award application submission
  • Review awards and their applicable criteria and provide recommendations for revisions
  • Review and score eligible candidate applications


  • Increase awareness of membership benefits through social media, meetings, newsletters, etc.
  • Maintain website and update regularly
  • Divide social media platform amongst members to ensure timely updates

Delegate/General Assembly

  • Ensure delegates are entered into the ENA Online Management System by the deadline (other positions with access to register delegates include President, President-elect and Delegate/General Assembly Chair)
  • Make certain all delegates understand their roles and carry out their responsibilities
  • Ensure delegates are prepared to make the best decisions for the association


  • Conduct a fair and equitable national election according to established ENA bylaws, policies, and procedures
  • Suggest ideas that promote greater voter interest, visibility of candidates, exchange of information, and participation in the election process
  • Solicit and mentor potential candidates
  • Review and provide feedback about the election application process for content, ease of use, and effectiveness
  • Review all candidate applications and present a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors


  • Review budget at beginning and end of year
  • Work with treasurer to ensure that the budget is balanced


  • Promote and strengthen the culture of philanthropy
  • Collaborate with the ENA Foundation and the ENA Foundation Management Board to assist in local and state fundraising and program initiatives, participate in the promotion of the State Challenge, national scholarships and research grants, and engage in national fundraising activities
  • Establish and maintain annual fundraising initiatives at the state level through collaboration with the State Council President and Treasurer and plan for adequate resources to maintain or expand fundraising efforts
  • Maintain communications about current and ongoing fundraising activities with ENA Foundation, ENA Foundation Management Board members, Foundation and other ENA State Fundraising Chairs
  • Network within the state and with other similar organizations on fundraising and development initiatives in venues such as: National or local meetings, coalitions, and task forces; ENA State Council/local chapter meetings; ENA Emergency Nursing Conference
  • Participate in ENA Foundation fundraising events at ENA conferences, if attending

Government Affairs

  • Maintain communication about government relations activity
  • Effectively advocate on behalf of ENA’s public policy priorities
  • Take action on assigned action alerts
  • Providing feedback on all activities to the State Council
  • Participate in ENA Day on the Hill
  • Participate in Government Affairs Chairpersons quarterly conference calls


  • Promotes quality, safety, and injury prevention efforts
  • Establish and maintain initiatives of the ENA Institute for Quality, Safety, and Injury Prevention at the state level
  • Maintain communications about quality, safety and injury prevention with ENA state council and chapter leaders, volunteers and ENA headquarters
  • Work in collaboration with ENA state council president and treasurer to plan for adequate resources to maintain or expand quality, safety, and injury prevention efforts
  • Explore funding opportunities by pursuing local grant proposals and responding to and disseminating requests for proposals within state
  • Network within the state and with other similar organizations to advance quality, safety and injury prevention in venues


  • Implement achievable membership recruitment goals (industry average is 1% to 5% increase)
  • Develop and implement strategies for recruitment of new members including an annual membership campaign either on your own or in conjunction with the ENA
  • Identify innovative and creative strategies to increase and sustain membership
  • Conduct member surveys and initiate changes in response to member feedback
  • Promote all of the educational, networking and leadership development opportunities ENA offers to members at the national and local level
  • Run New Member and Expiring Member reports found in the Online Management System monthly. Use the template letters provided in the ENA Brand Center to welcome members or ask them to renew as appropriate.
  • Provide chapter assignment procedures (zip code assignments) to ENA Component Relations at to ensure members are assigned to a chapter

TNCC/Trauma / ENPC/Pediatric

  • Serve as a resource for TNCC/ENPC courses conducted within state
  • Promote TNCC/ENPC courses within the state.
  • Identify underserved areas within the state to facilitate course availability.
  • Work in collaboration with the ENA State Council President and Treasurer to plan for adequate resources to support the growth of courses within the state
  • Maintain and uphold quality of TNCC/ENPC courses conducted within the state
  • Monitor course activities within the state for course and instructor quality and compliance with these Administrative Procedures and the Rules
  • Address problems or concerns with courses or instructors. Resolve if possible.
  • Explore funding opportunities to support courses, by pursuing local grants or obtaining course sponsorship or commercial support as appropriate.