Meet the Candidates

PA EN   2023 Board of Directors Candidates 
2023 Open Positions
- President-elect - 2023 (Will be president in 2024)
- Secretary - 1 year term
- Director - 2 year term (2023-2024)

Elections open 8/15/22 - 9/15/22 - Emails will be sent to members through Election Runner
President Elect Candidate
Jason Cruz
Why do you seek a position on the PA ENA Board? - To have a larger role in the direction the PA ENA takes moving forward.

Pocono Chapter

Professional Credentials: MS, RN

Education: Masters Nursing DePaul University

ENA Positions held: For the last few years, I have been a PA delegate for the National Conference General Assembly. In 2015 and 2016 I served as the Illinois ENA Secretary. I have participated in Day on the Hill while a member and the Secretary of the Illinois ENA. At this time, I am a member of the education committee and the government affairs committee for the PA ENA.  I am also currently the Pocono Chapter President for 2022. 

Secretary Candidates

Gina Slobogin
Why do you seek a position on the PA ENA Board? - Having attended multiple Leadership Orientations I see a vast opportunity for expanding the secretary position and communication with all members.

Philadelphia Chapter


Education: DNP, Nursing Practice Wilmington University

ENA Positions held: ENA Nominations and Elections Committee (2020-2024); Resolutions Committee (2021-2023); ENA Foundation Research Committee (2021-2023); EMS Advisory Council (2019-2021; chair 2020); CEN Review Committee (2020-2022); Pennsylvania State Council President (2021); IQSIP Chair (2019-2020); Horizons Chair (2022); Awards Chair (2022); Nominations Chair (2022); Delaware County Chapter President (2019-2020)

Cheryl Ann Macdonald-Sweet
Why do you seek a position on the PA ENA Board? - I’ve had the honor to serve as PAENA’s Secretary over this past year. With the latest shift in technologies allowing our organization to reach more of our members, I'd like the opportunity to continue to be a part of this Growth.

Pocono Chapter

Professional Credentials: BS RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN

Education: BSN, Wilkes University

ENA Positions held: ENA Foundation Board of Trustees (2020-2022); Pennsylvania State Council President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director; Pocono Chapter President, Secretary/Treasurer 


Director Candidate
Brian Rogers  
Why do you seek a position on the PA ENA Board?

I want to make a difference for the state of Pennsylvania and I really want people to see the value in being an ENA member.

Capital Chapter

Professional Credentials: MSN RN CEN

Education: MSN Chamberlain University

ENA positions held: Emergency Disaster and Preparedness Committee (2019-2021); Capital Chapter President; PA ENA Nursing/Advanced Practice Committee 

Previous membership with Alabama ENA, Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter ENA and the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the ENA.