Leadership Award

The Leadership Award was established in 2005.  This award is intended to honor the individual who has leadership qualities that involve mentoring, coaching, and support of fellow peers, friends, and ENA members at the local, state, and national level.​   The recipient's are as follows:

2005      Emma Seibert

2006      Ann Marie Papa

2007      Nancy Bonalumi

2008      Merlann Malloy

2009      Beverly Mueller

2010      Sharon McGonigal

2011      Kathy McPherson

2012      Mary Kay Silverman

2013      Cherylann MacDonald-Sweet

2014      Linda Mellly

2015     Kathy Kerron-Buttillo

2016     Ruth Brewer

2017     Allen Fasnacht

2018    Kay Ella Bleecher

2019     Helen Marie Healy

2020     Leora Wile

2021    Millie FIncke (posthumous)

2022    Tyler Babcock

2023    Deborah Clark