Bylaws and Procedures

Bylaws and Procedures

National ENA Strategic Plan 2020-2025

National 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Michigan ENA Stategic Plan 2020-2025

MENA 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

National ENA Strategic Plan 2015-2019

National 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

Michigan ENA Stategic Plan 2015-2019

MENA Strategic Plan

Michigan ENA Bylaws

MENA Bylaws 2021

National ENA Bylaws


Standards and Procedures Process

MENA Standards Procedures Policy

Records Retention Policy

MENA Records Retention and Destruction

State & Chapters Election Process

State and Chapters Election Process

Travel Substantiation Policy

MENA Travel Substantiation Policy

Social Media Policy

MENA Social Media

TNCC & ENPC Committee

TNCC/ENPC Committee

Government Affairs Committee


Federal Tax ID Number

MENA Federal Tax ID Procedure

Reimbursement Form

MENA Expense Reimbursement Form

Credit Card Usage Policy

MENA Credit Card Usage Policy

Reserves Policy

MENA Reserves Policy

Investment Policy

MENA Investment policy

Antitrust Policy

MENA Anti Trust Policy

Policy for Review-Charter Probation Policy


Policies for Review-Charter Activation-Dissolution Policy


MENA Scholarship Procedure

MENA Scholarship Form 2020.pdf

Delegate Selection Procedure

2020 Michigan ENA Delegate Tool

ENA Membership Reimbursement

ENA Membership Reimbursement SOP

MENA Sign In Sheet

MENA sign in sheet

MENA Treasurer Report
MENA Chapter Quarterly Treasurer Report