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Michigan Emergency Nurses Association

Michigan ENA is comprised of the members of the Emergency Nurses Association who live in the state of Michigan. Each member has an opportunity to become involved at their local chapter and at the state level. 

This Web site has been designed to help answer your questions about the state organization and to inform you of who to contact if you have questions. 

MI ENA Bylaws


Standards and Procedures Process

MENA Standards Procedures Policy

Records Retention Policy

MENA Records Retention and Destruction

State & Chapters Election Process

State and Chapters Election Process

Social Media Policy

MENA Social Media

Federal Tax ID Number

MENA Federal Tax ID Procedure

Reimbursement Form

MENA Expense Reimbursement Form

Credit Card Usage Policy

MENA Credit Card Usage Policy

Reserves Policy

MENA Reserves Policy

Investment Policy

MENA Investment policy

Antitrust Policy

MENA Anti Trust Policy

MENA Treasurer Report
MENA Chapter Quarterly Treasurer Report
MENA Scholarship Application

Submit in writing with proof of enrollment to:

MENA Treasurer Kim Johnson, 2659 Orbit Drive, Lake Orion, MI 48360

OR email document to 

Allow at least 60 days for processing your request.

MENA Scholarship Form

MENA State Faculty Application