2021 Award Winners AND Nominations for 2022


Michigan Excellent Award in Emergency Nursing
Over thirty years ago, the Michigan Council of the Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA) proposed the development of an award that honored a Michigan emergency department nurse who excelled in emergency care. Marie Hand, an original Treasurer of the Michigan State Council, and the "Gray Ghost" of Detroit General and Detroit Receiving Emergency Departments, offered to provide a monetary award. This award was named in her honor, The Marie Hand Award. As years passed and Marie moved on to Florida and "Up North", the award name changed to the "Michigan Excellence in Emergency Nursing Award".

Nominate your friend, colleague, mentor, or manager to recognize their work in ENA and emergency nursing. Awardees must be a current ENA member and have an unrestricted nursing license. Awards will be presented to winners in their own hospitals during EN Week 2022, or as close as possible due to scheduling.  Awardees will also be honored during the 2023 MENA Conference.

*** Michigan ENA Annual Awards ***

Criteria for nominees: Must currently practice in the field of emergency care (Examples, Flight nursing, ED staff, Educator, Manager, or Advanced Practice). They are a current member of ENA and a RN. This award honors a member of Michigan Emergency Nurses Association who exhibits passion, knowledge, skill, and professionalism in Emergency Care. This is a great way to recognize some of the many excellent providers of emergency care in Michigan. Send two letters of support. 

Michigan Emergency Nurse Lifetime Achievement Award. Criteria for nominees: Must currently practice in the field of emergency care (Examples, Flight nursing, ED staff, Educator, Manager and Advanced Practice) and a seasoned member with significant contributions to ENA. This is a great way to honor those who serve patients and the emergency nursing community in Michigan. Send two letters of support. 


We all know someone that has inspired us to become an emergency nurse or that has made us want to be a better emergency nurse.  The Inspire Award is to celebrate those that inspire us to be more, to go beyond and serve our patients, our community, and our profession. Send two letters of support. 

Honors a nurse who has consistently demonstrated excellence in the profession of emergency nursing as a formal leader and has made significant contribution through an emergency leadership role. This is a great way to recognize some of the many excellent leaders of emergency care in Michigan.  Send 2 letters of support with at least one of the letters from a person the manager supervises or has led. 



Not every manager is a good leader and not every leader is a manager or director.  The nurse leader award recognizes a nurse who has consistently demonstrated excellence in the profession of emergency nursing and has made significant contribution to emergency nursing as a clinical leader. This is a great way to recognize a leader of emergency care in Michigan that does not have a leadership title.  Send 2 letters of support.



Member and emergency nurse of less than 5 years that has worked to promote emergency nursing, ENA, and shows promise in ENA leadership. Send 2 letters of support.


Send your nominations to by August 30, 2022. Name and contact information of the nominators must be included.





1981 Judy Wielock, RN, CEN

1982 Barbara Laubscher, RN, CEN & Mary Grba, RN

1983 Barbara Deneen, RN, CEN

1984 Sue Offenbecker, RN, CEN & Shari Levens, RN, CEN

1985 Joanne Schultz, RN, CEN

1986 Gail Haddad-Swensen, RN, CEN

1987 Sally Berglin, RN, CEN

1988 Ilene Fox, RN, CEN

1989 Marcia Altanta, RN, CEN

1990 Linda Klavon, RN, MSN, CEN

1991 Kathy Roberts, RN, BSN, CEN

1992 Connie Pardee, RN, MSN, CEN

1993 Sheri Veurink, RN, BSN, CEN

1994 Joanne McKay, RN, MSN, CEN & Diana Underhill, RN, BSN, CEN

1995 Marilyn Sprague, RN, BSN, CEN

1996 Janet O’Bear, RN, BSN, CEN

1997 Richard Herm, RN, BSN, CEN & Kathy Clarke, RN, BSN, CEN

1998 Penny Endres, RN, CEN

1999 Deborah Plotzke, RN, BSN, CEN

2000 Dan Andrews, RN, CEN & Terri Rohraff, RN, CEN

2001 Mary Jo Beggs, RN, CEN

2002 Diane Benson, RN

2003 Linda Hagland, RN

2004 Pat Manion, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN

2005 Sue O’Brien, RN, MSN & Val Pietrik, RN

2006 Debra Cannatti, RN, BSN, CEN

2007 Maureen “Mo” Hutchinson, RN

2008 Gerri Muller, RN, MSN, NP, CEN

2009 Holly Bair, RN, MSN, NP, CEN & Carol Engelman, RN

2010 Debbie Gilmore, RN, MSN

2011 Marilyn Merkle, RN, BSN

2012 Heather Cooper, RN, BSN

2013 Mike Mooney, RN, BSN, CEN

2014 Stephanie Wilson, RN, BSN, CEN

2015 Michelle Most, RN, BSN, CC-EMT-P, EMT-P, SANE, DVNE, FN CSp

2016 Michael Martel RN, BSN

2017 Margaret Keehl MSN RN NP

2018 Wendi Brown MSN RN

2019 Mary Berry-Bovia, BSN, RN, CEN

2020 Laura White, RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN, EMT-P

2021 Jacob Silva, BSN, RN & Chris Baker, MSN, RN, CEN



2012 Kim Johnson, RN, BSN

2014 Brandi Uren, RN, BSN, CEN

2015 Joan Shimko, RN, BSN, CEN

2016 Jon Fairchild, MS RN CEN NE-BC

2016 Michele Carmen Murphy RN CEN

2018 Diane Simon MSN RN

2019 Jennifer Carpenter, RN, BSN, LSSBB and Christine Liebezeit

2020 Jac Getzinger, MSN, RN, TCRN & Leigh Grzywacz MHA, BSN, RN, CEN

2021 Andrea Del Vecchio, BSN, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P & Missy Rykse, MSN, RN, CNL, CEN



2021 Gail VanStanton, BSN, RN, CEN



2012 Brandy Soja, RN

2015 Brendan Franklin, RN, BSN, CEN

2016 Travis Szarenski RN BSN

2019 Vanessa Abi-Saab

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT                                        

2012 Marilyn Sprague, RN, BSN

2013 Dianne Wren, RN, BSN, CEN

2014 Sheri Veurink-Balicki, RN, CEN, BSN

2015 Barbara Davis RN, BSN, CEN

2016 Kathleen Clark RN, BSN

2016 Gerri Muller RN, MSN, NP, CEN

2017 Chris Baker MSN RN CEN

2019 Mark Goldstein, MSN, RN, EMT-P I/C

2021 Sheila Meshinski, BSN, RN, CEN, CFN, SANE-A



2013 West Michigan Chapter

2014 Huron Valley Chapter

2018 Huron Valley Chapter


2021 Robert Wells, MBA, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN