Course Operations

Chair: Helen Sandkuhl
Co-Chair:  Judy Marlow

Pediatric Subcommittee

Trauma Subcommittee:

Regional Coordinators:
Donna Pond
Judy Marlow
Helen Sandkuhl
Lori Unruh

TNCC/ENPC: Judy Marlow - STL, Helen Sandkuhl - STL, Kristin Custer - Springfield, Jami Blackwell - Springfield, Tom Emery - Springfield, Mary Gillam - Springfield, Donna Pond - Columbia, Sharon Trumbly - Joplin, Lori Unruh - KC, Julie Robertson - SE, Marie Frankenbach - NE, 

TNCC Only: Angie Giegerich - KC, Pam Jackson - KC, Stephanie Folz - KC, Israel Mendoza - KC, David Seastrom - KC, Chris Hoag-Apel - Joplin, Angela Boren - STL, Natalie Barnard - Columbia, Sheila Hagen - Columbia, Dana Bush - KC, Laura Wilson - STL

ENPC Only: Christine Fenwick - KC, Kelly Riedel, STL

Committee Reports and Information

2024 Committee Goals:


  1. Communicate and implement rollout of revised Course Operation Administrative Procedures.
  2. Assess need and approve additional course monitors as necessary for each region and post to State to State Faculty/Monitor spread sheet on webpage.  
  3. Identify lead TNCC/ENPC regional Faculty to serve as resource for regional course needs.
  4. Promote Critical access hospital TNCC/ENPC voucher program participants throughout the State.
  5. Develop course directors in all regions as identified need.
  6. Promote TNCC/ENPC Instructor access in underserved areas.