Election Information

Candidates for President Elect

Nina Arnold, MSN, RN, CEN

I have been a Registered Nurse 11 years working in emergency nursing as a staff nurse and in leadership. I participate in the BJC system Forensics Team, and I collaborate in Missouri Baptist committees for Stroke, Sepsis and Behavioral Health. I am a member of the Missouri Baptist Management Council.  I’m currently a member of the Board of Directors for MOENA. In addition, I am an active Course Instructor for TNCC and ENPC, teaching approximately 10 courses per year. I currently chair the Quality, Safety, Injury Prevention, and Advanced Practice Committee, and I serve on the Education, Government Affairs, and Conference Committees for MOENA.  I believe it is important to provide education and support to Emergency Nurses, and partner with the communities we serve, to advocate for improved healthcare in our state. The experience and leadership skills I have obtained have prepared me to step into this role for the state of Missouri.

I attest that I have read the requirements for the office of MOENA President-elect and President.


Ben Coe is an active member of ENA on the State and National level. He has served as our Missouri State Secretary for the last four years. He has also spent the last three years as a member of the ENA Nominations and Elections Committee working to improve the integrity of our Association elections and provide the best candidates possible for our national elections.

Ben has been a part of Emergency Services since he was 15 years old and became a Fire Department Explorer Scout with Central Jackson County Fire Protection District in Blue Springs, MO. Since then, he has become an EMT and then Paramedic, and still works as a paramedic for University Ambulance in Columbia, MO. A 2011 graduate of the University of Missouri – Sinclair School of Nursing’s Accelerated BSN program, Ben has worked as a nurse for University Healthcare since graduation. He began his Emergency Department career in August of 2012 when he started floating to the department and joined the ED full time in October 2012. He is currently a weekend night charge nurse in the Emergency Department. As a lifelong learner, Ben finished his PhD in Nursing in 2020, and will finish his DNP-FNP in May 2024.

As a lifetime member of the ENA, Ben is devoted to advancing its mission and vision. His leadership has included being the Central Missouri Chapter Secretary and President prior to Missouri becoming a two-tier state. As the Missouri Secretary since 2019, Ben has managed the minutes for state council and board of director meetings and been essential at keeping the records for our state and keeping meetings on track. Ben has served on several National committees, including the Armed Services Working Group, the EMS Advisory Board, and the Nominations and Elections Committee a nationally elected position. He is an advocate for our profession at the state and national level, attending Government Affairs meetings and testifying on behalf of our nurses, as well as advocating for safer workspaces for nurses through interviews with news agencies about the risks we deal with from patient, and visitor violence in our hospitals.

Ben’s dedication to our association is what has led to his desire to lead our state into the future and run for President Elect for the state of Missouri. His leadership and dedication to our association and profession will continue to advance our state to meet the mission and vision of ENA and guide our state as we move into the future. A personal goal of Ben during his time in leadership will be striving toward Missouri being recognized again with annual State Achievement awards from ENA demonstrating our commitment to emergency nurses across our state. Additionally he will work to increase member engagement and interaction through outreach efforts to hospitals across the state working with the board of directors to meet with Emergency Departments across the state and encourage membership and activity increasing MOENA’s reach and services provided.

I attest that I have read the requirements for the office of MOENA President-elect and President.

Candidates for Secretary

Jeanne Fogarty, MBA, BSN, RN

Currently working at SSM Saint Louis University Hospital as a Trauma Performance Improvement Coordinator
Prior to this position, I worked as the Team Leader of the Emergency Department for 20 years
Joined ENA in 1999.  Actively involved over the past 20 years.  Most recently
  • Immediate Past President (ended 2023)
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Chair- Compliance Committee 2023
  • Chair- Membership Committee 2023

    Candidates for Treasurer-Elect

    Larry Faulkner, MBA, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN, NEA-BC

    • Active ENA and Missouri ENA member for over 15 years
    • Currently serving in the following roles:
      • MOENA Treasurer
      • Marketing Committee Chair
      • Membership Committee Member
      • Compliance Committee Member

    Candidates for Director-At-Large

    Judy Marlow, MSN, RN, CEN

    • Judy Marlow is a Clinical Education Specialist for the Adult Emergency Department, Inpatient & Outpatient Pediatrics, Interventional Radiology, and disaster training at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  She has greater than 45 years of nursing experience including critical care, inpatient medical-surgical, Pediatrics inpatient/outpatient, air and ground transport, community health, Emergency Department Staff RN, Trauma Clinical Specialist, Trauma Service Manager, Emergency Department Manager in the community hospital setting.
    • Judy has been an ENA member for more than 30 years.  She has served in multiple ENA offices (both chapter & state), on numerous committees (both Chapter & State) and delegate for National General Assembly on multiple occasions.  She has taught & directed Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) since the early 1990’s and Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC), from the initial launching of the course.  She serves as Missouri State Faculty for ENPC & TNCC. Judy promotes the dissemination of TNCC & ENPC.  She regularly goes out to remote areas of the State of Missouri and neighboring Illinois to provide courses to underserved areas, as well as teaching in the greater St. Louis area.   Currently, she serves as Missouri ENA Course Operation Chair.  During 2023 she has been responsible for overseeing the 6th Edition ENPC and 9th Edition TNCC revised course rollouts.
    • Judy’s passion is to assure that all nurses, especially Emergency Department Nurses have the knowledge and resources to provide excellent patient care.  Beyond promoting ENPC & TNCC, she has served on multiple conference and class planning committees, both locally and within Missouri, for more than 30 years.  She regularly teaches Chemical/Radiation Decontamination and facilitates disaster drill activities.  Judy provides de-escalation education, having been a Crisis Prevention Trainer.  Legislatively, she has represented Missouri ENA at Day on the Hill 2023 advocating for legislation to reduce violence in the ED and ED boarding of behavioral health patients.