National ENA strongly supports the Institute for Quality, Safety and Injury Prevention (IQSIP) which combines resources to address Quality, Safety and Injury Prevention. One of the focuses of the Institute is to expand Injury Prevention from primary prevention in the community to secondary prevention at the stretcher side. The goal is to have every nurse integrate prevention into their everyday practice with each patient and family encounter. This integration is key to ENA’s Safe Practice, Safe Care declaration.

Maryland ENA Council members, over 1000 strong, are committed to making injury prevention interventions that are evidence based available to every Emergency Department Nurse. The LINKS section of the Maryland ENA website has a list of state organizations involved in Injury Prevention and Safety issues.

For more information please contact the 2021 IQSIP Chair for Maryland:
Cynthia Wright Johnson MSN RN – EMSC Director at MIEMSS

The following resources are available on the National ENA website:

IQSIP – Programs of ENA include:
The following resources are available on the ENA National IQSIP website.
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Safety which includes: Injury Prevention and Safety, Patient Safety, Wellness, Workplace Safety

Maryland Poison Center Updates: (email subscriptions can be requested on their home page)

  1. Tox Tips (monthly –
  2. Prevention Press (bimonthly –


Maryland State Highway Safety

  1. Maryland DOT/ MVA includes the Driver Wellness and Safety Division that is the home of the Medical Advisory Board (MAB). MAB is comprised of physicians from various medical specialties. The objective of the MAB is to assess medical fitness to drive of individuals who have medical conditions that can impact on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

    Safety Belt Safe –

    Safe Ride News –

    Maryland EMS for Children –

    Maryland Risk Watch –

    Maryland Highway Safety Office –

    Bike Helmet Safety Institute –

  2. Seasonal safety Messaging is posted quarterly-


Practice: position statements are under review by committees and advisory councils that include ENA position statements, Joint statements, Supported statements and an archive of past position statements that have been retired by the ENA Board of Directors.