About Us

Virginia ENA is the state council of approximately 1500 emergency nurses throughout Virginia that are dedicated to the profession of Emergency Nursing. The state council is chartered by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) to function as the official organizational component in Virginia in accordance with the Bylaws and Procedures set forth by ENA. 

If you'd like to get more involved, please join us at our next meeting or reach out to any one of our board members. We would love to have you!

ENA's mission is to advance excellence in emergency nursing. ENA's vision is to be the premier organization for the emergency nursing community worldwide.

Derived from the vision of ENA’s co-founders Judith Kelleher and Anita Dorr, ENA's priorities are guided by these values and beliefs. ENA believes …

  • In the inclusion and contributions of nursing, in collaboration with health care partners worldwide, to explore innovative solutions to the challenges of emergency care delivery.
  • Compassion is an essential element of the emergency nursing profession.
  • Everyone should embrace inclusion, diversity and mutual respect in all interactions and initiatives to promote the essential value of different perspectives and experiences within emergency nursing.
  • In a team-based delivery of resources that meet the highest quality standards of excellence for patients and emergency nurses.
  • Emergency care evolves through lifelong learning and a culture of inquiry for the discovery and integration of evidence-based research into emergency nursing practice.
  • ENA's Code of Ethics establishes and encourages adherence to principles of honesty and integrity.
  • The spirit of philanthropy allows the advancement of the profession of emergency nursing and improves the lives of patients throughout the world.
  • The association places the highest value on members for their contributions to the care of patients and their families, the emergency nursing profession, and the organization.

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