Committees and Chairs


Chair - Tammy O’Connor
     This committee facilitates resolutions and bylaws amendments to the ENA General Assembly.

Chair - Tammy O’Connor
 This committee has the responsibility to recruit and monitor the ENA General Assembly delegate selection and BOD election process.  Committee members assist with review and revisions to application forms and assist in confirmation that all applicants meet the eligibility criteria.  The committee engages in member outreach to improve voter participation in National and State ENA elections.

Chair - Donelle Brasseal
     This committee facilitates the annual Education Conference.

Co-Chairs - Brannon Gillies & Dawn McKeown
 This committee monitors the dissemination of TNCC courses throughout the state and is a resource regarding trauma care throughout the state.

Chair - Tina Dauzat
 This committee aims to provide subject matter expertise related to pediatric emergency care and to identify and recommend resources for the care of the pediatric patient in emergency care.  Oversight is provided in the administration of ENPC courses across the state.

Chair - Vickie Stagg
 This committee assists the chairperson in implementing strategies to recruit and maintain ENA members across the state.  

Chair - Jamin Rankin
This committee oversees the various social media platforms of LA ENA (website, twitter, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn).

Chair - Deborah Spann
    This committee supports initiatives that support the mission of the ENA Institute for Quality, Safety, and Injury Prevention (IQSIP).  
     This committee is working with the Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN) to offer 'Stop the Bleed' information and training statewide.

Chair - Melissa Wafer
     This committee supports the ENA Foundation's mission:  providing educational scholarships and research grants in the discipline of emergency nursing and supports our state mission:  promoting excellence in emergency nursing through leadership, research, education and advocacy.  The committee members brainstorm and implement activities to raise funds for both the ENA Foundation and LENA.

Chair - Brannon Gillies
 This committee is informed on national and state-wide emergency nursing issues.  Committee members work to advance emergency nursing through interaction with state officials.  Committee members will be required to enroll in ENA 411 and instructs will be provided. This committee is planning for National's ENA Day on the Hill, coming April 28-29, 2020.  For more information, please use link on the home page. 

Chair - Shawn Moreau
     This committee recognizes ER nurses across the state at the annual Education Conference.  Committee members review applications for selection of awards recipients.