The name of this organization shall be the Nevada State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association, a not-for- profit organization in the state of Nevada.






This State Council is affiliated with the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), chartered by the National Association (ENA) to implement its philosophy, objectives, and leadership on the State level, as well as coordinate the professional activities within the State in liaison with the National level ENA: General Assembly and Board of Directors of ENA. The State Council shall act in accord with Bylaws and Procedures established by the National Association ENA.


The purpose for which the corporation is organized are educational, within the meaning of Section

501(c)(3)  of  the  Internal  Revenue  Code  of  1986,  as  amended,  including  but  not  limited  to  the advancement of emergency nursing through education and public awareness.




Strategic Plan


  1. To promote and to implement the philosophy and objectives of the National Emergency Nurses Association on the State level.


  1. B. To provide leadership by identifying and addressing issues affecting emergency care and emergency nursing practice on the State leve


  1. C. To maintain liaison with State professional organizations and agencies:
  2. 1. American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
  3. 2. Emergency Medical Services
  4. 3. Nevada State Board of Nursing
  5. 4. Nevada Nurses Association, and other State offices of specialty nursing organizations. D. To monitor State legislative issues affecting emergency care and emergency nursing practice.
  6. E. To develop, maintain, and monitor a statewide emergency nursing networking structure to address professional issues.


  1. To provide continuing education opportunities on a state level.




  1. A. A formal charter shall be issued by the ENA, in accord with its Bylaws and Procedures, identifying the

Nevada State Council as the affiliate of the National Association at the State level.


  1. B. Said charter may be suspended or revoked by the National Association in accord with its Bylaws and






  1. A. All National members of ENA residing in the State of Nevada, unless otherwise requested through the

National office.


  1. B. Any National member of ENA who has requested through the National office to be affiliated with the State of Nevada.



  1. A. The officers on the Nevada State Council shall be a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Chair Institute for Quality, Safety and Injury Prevention (IQSIP)


  1. B. Qualifications: Officer shall have:
  2. 1. Current National Association membership
  3. 2. Current Nevada State Council membership
  4. 3. Current Professional Nurse Licensure


  1. C. Responsibilities: Active participation and attendance to Nevada ENA functions must be a personal priority.

In addition to those responsibilities delineated below, officers of the Nevada State Council shall exercise all the privileges and responsibilities as an officer of the State Council as specified in the Bylaws and Procedures of the National Association.


  1. 1. President
  2. a. Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the State Council b. Coordinate all Council activities
  3. c. Appoint committee chairpersons and committee members d. Maintains signature rights to State Council bank accounts
  4. 2. President-Elect
  5. a. Performs duties requested by the President for the State Council
  6. b. Secedes to the office of president at the expiration of the president's term. In the event the position of President becomes vacant, the President-Elect shall serve the unexpired term of the President and the term for which (s)he was elected
  7. c. Chairs the Governmental Affairs Committee
  8. d. Is a delegate to the General Assembly during the years in which (s)he is President-Elect


  1. 3. Secretary
  2. a. Maintains State Council meeting minutes
  3. b. Replies to and sends correspondence as requested by the President
  4. c. Distributes, by fax or mail, meeting notices to emergency departments and urgent care centers at least one week prior to State Council meetings.
  5. d. Maintains incorporation documents


  1. 4. Treasurer
  2. a. Maintains all State Council bank accounts and financial records in accord with generally accepted accounting procedures
  3. b. Presents a State Council budget report at each meeting c. Maintains signature rights to bank accounts
  4. d. Maintains EIN
  5. e. Sends number to National ENA
  6. f. Submits budget proposal
  7. g. Reviews IRS status and responsibilities from National ENA
  8. h. Files IRS form
  9. Prepares Annual Financial Report
  10. j. Transfers signature authority in a timely manner when new Treasurer begins term.

  1. 5. Education Chair
  2. a. Approves continuing education programs sponsored by Nevada ENA
  3. b. Submits written budget requests to Treasurer and President for approval of course finances prior to course presentations
  4. c. Chairs Education Committee North and Education Committee South, respectively


  1. 6. Immediate Past President
  2. a. Responsible for membership committee
  3. b. Send monthly welcome letters to new members c. Chairs membership committee
  4. d. Ensure leadership mentoring


  1. 7. IQSIP Chair
  2. a. Responsibility to follow National Guidelines for EIC and provide updates to State


  1. b. Chairs IQSIP Committee


  1. Trauma Committee Chair
  2. Responsible for following National guidelines and coordinating TNCC courses
  3. Chairs Trauma Committe


  1. Pediatric Committee Chair
  2. Responsible for following Nationa guidelones and coordinating ENPC courses 
  3. Chairs Pediatric Committee



  1. Term of Office


  1. 1. The State Council President and the President-Elect shall serve for the term of two year or until their successors are elected. The term of office shall commence January 1 each year and terminate on December 31.


  1. 2. Secretary, Education Chair South, and Education Chair North shall serve for a term of two year or until their successors are elected. The term of office shall commence on January 1 each year and terminate on December 31. No individual shall serve more than two consecutive terms in any office.


  1. 3. Treasurer shall serve for a term of two years or until his or her successor is elected.


  1. 4. Should the office of State Council president be vacated prior to expiration of the president’s term, the president elect shall fill the office, then fill the office during the following year. This additional time in office shall not preclude the individual from running for a second consecutive term.


  1. 5. If the office of Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect, or Education Chair is vacated prior to the expiration of the officer’s term, the President shall appoint a replacemen None of these

appointed persons will automatically continue in the position the following year. If the position of president Elect has been appointed, the annual election will include the offices of President AND President Elect. The additional time in office shall not preclude the individual from running for a second consecutive term, should he or she be elected to the office for the next year.


  1. E. Election:


  1. 1. Candidates may run for only one office


  1. 2. State Council officers must be elected by a majority of returned votes, conducted as mail/email or fax ballot prior to October 15 each year, in accordance with the Nevada ENA Standard Procedures.


  1. 3. Ballots will be sent to Nevada ENA members by September 15, and candidates' qualifications will be written on the ballot

  1. Unless otherwise stated in these bylaws, vacancies may be filled for an unexpired term of office from the

State Council members, by vote of the State Council officers.



The Nevada State Council shall meet at least four times a year.  Meetings shall be announced at the beginning of the year to allow the entire membership advance notice so they can plan to participate and attend throughout the year.


The State Council shall conduct at least one educational conference for the membership each year.

Special meetings may be called upon by a written request of five Council members or two Council Board members. Attending representative members of the State Council shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the State





  Delegates to the General Assembly


  1. A. The number of and qualification for delegates to the national Association's annual General Assembly shall be determined by the Bylaws and Procedures of the National Association.


  1. B. The State Council Board, using the point system for delegate selection shall:


  1. 1. Establish a methodology for assignment of points for each approved activity in accord with



  1. 2. Mail delegate selection applications to the State membership, detailing qualifications for delegate eligibility and point procedure or by publishing same in a newsletter.
  2. a. All applications for delegate status should be accompanied with a Letter of Intent, and a list of contributions to ENA throughout the past year.
  3. b. The State Council Board shall determine which individuals meet the qualifications and have accumulated the highest number of points by the established deadline.
  4. c. The individuals with the highest number of points shall be the delegates.
  5. d. The individual who has accumulated the next highest number of points shall serve as an alternate.


  1. 3. Applicants will be advised by mail regarding selection, and a meeting prior to the General

Assembly will be arranged to discuss position papers.


  1. 4. The names of the delegates will be submitted to the National Office in accord with National

Association Procedures.



State Council Board of Directors

  1. A. The officers of the Nevada State Council and the immediate past president shall constitute the Board of



  1. B. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the affairs of the Nevada State Council between its business meetings and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these By laws. The Board of Directors is subject to the orders of the State Council members and none of its acts shall conflict with the action taken

by the State Council.


  1. C. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the Presiden


  1. The presence of the President and two other officers shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Board of Directors.






  1. A. The State Council shall have the following committees:
  2. 1. Trauma
  3. 2. Education North
  4. 3. Education South
  5. 4. Government Affairs
  6. 5. Pediatric
  7. 6. Fundraising
  8. 7. Membership
  9. 8. IQSIP


  1. B. Education North, Education South, and Government Affairs shall be chaired by Board members as previously described.


  1. C. Chairs for the Trauma, Pediatric and IQSIP Committees shall be appointed by the President and serve as Board Members.
  2. 1. Qualifications for Trauma chair:
  3. a. Must be a T.N.C.C. instructor
  4. 2. Qualifications for Pediatrics chair:
  5. 3. For any courses requesting financial backing from Nevada ENA, ensures that course coordinators submit written budget requests to the Treasurer for approval prior to course presentation.


  1. Chair for the Fundraising Committee shall be appointed by the President.


E..           Additional committees may be created by the State Council Board of Directors as interest warrants.


ARTICLE XI Indemnification


The association shall indemnify all officers, directors, and employees for expenses incurred with the defense or settlement of any claim against such person by reason of service as an officer, director, or employee, unless a judgment or other judication shall establish that such a claim arose or resulted from any dishonest, fraudulent, criminal, malicious, or knowingly wrongful act, error, or omission of such person.


ARTICLE  XII Parliamentary Authority


These Bylaws shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. All meetings of the State Council will also be governed by the above rules provided they are not in conflict with the Bylaws and Procedures established by the National Association.


ARTICLE  XIII Dissolution


In the event of dissolution of the State Council, the net assets of the corporation shall revert to the National Association after all liabilities or obligations shall be paid, satisfied, and discharged, or adequate provision shall be made thereof.




  1. A. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the Board of Directors, by a committee of the State Council charged with amending or revising the Bylaws, or by a written request of ten members in good standing.


  1. B. Approval of the Bylaw amendments shall be by a 2/3 vote at any regular meeting of the State Council provided that written notice of the proposed amendments has been sent to all members at least 21 days prior to the date of said meeting.