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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students 

Before going into the list of latest and trending compare and contrast essay topics. Let’s first define what a compare and contrast essay is and for what purpose it is written. 

A compare and contrast essay is an important and most interesting type of essay writing assignment in which you compare and contrast two or more objects to each other. If you have not written a compare and contrast essay before, refer to this article for the best ‘write essay for me’ help. The basic compare and contrast essay outline includes the following elements. 


A hook sentence 

Topic introduction 

Background information 

Thesis statement 

Body paragraph 1

Subject one and relevant details 

Body paragraph 2

Second subject and relevant details 

Body paragraph 3

Third subject and relevant details 


Summary of the key points 

Future implications 

Significance of the topic 

Refer to this outline if you need to submit a compare and contrast essay soon. You can also hire an expert essay writer if you are looking for someone for your ‘write essay for me’ request. 

Some excellent compare and contrast essay topics 

Here are some excellent compare and contrast essay topics for you if you don’t know how to start an essay

Compare and contrast spanish and french classes

School principal or college dean: compare 

Homework assignments or in-class work: which is better 

A good teacher vs a bad teacher: Share your thoughts 

Parental control or full freedom: which is better

Compare and contrast nighttime and daytime

Sleeping vs being active: share your thoughts 

Compare and contrast running and walking

Compare and contrast summer and winter

Discuss the differences and similarities marijuana and LSD

Discuss the pros and cons of iOS and Android

Physics and anatomy: discuss similarities and differences 

Compare and contrast fossil and nuclear energy

Compare and contrast chinese and korean

Compare and contrast economics and sociology

Communism and liberalism: comparing

Secular states and religious states

Living in big city or staying in village

Compare and contrast childhood and adulthood

Compare and contrast monarchy and democracy

Compare and contrast capitalism and communism

Compare and contrast online and traditional commerce

Online dating and real-life relations: which is better 

Compare and contrast gandalf and dumbledore

Compare and contrast soccer and football

Compare and contrast economy and economics

Compare and contrast economics and business studies

Compare and contrast socialism and communism

Free trade: merits and demerits

Compare and contrast football and basketball

Compare and contrast marathons and walkathons

Compare and contrast indoor sports or outdoor sports

Life in high school vs life in college

Compare and contrast online tuitions or home tuitions

Compare and contrast mammals and reptiles

Compare and contrast bacteria or viruses

Compare and contrast chemistry vs biology

Compare and contrast nuclear vs fossil energy

Compare and contrast philosophers and historians

Compare and contrast facebook and twitter

Compare and contrast apple and samsung

Compare and contrast introverts or extroverts

Compare and contrast oxford and harvard

Compare and contrast real-life and online dating

Cooking or eating out: which is better

Vegetarian vs vegan people.

Studying alone or with friends? Which is better

Studying languages vs sciences.

Buddha vs Jesus Christ.

Studying chemistry or physics.

Feel free to choose any topic and start working on the outline for a great compare and contrast essay. You can also get help from professionals at [] if you don’t know how to write successful academic essays. 

Finding an appropriate topic for a compare and contrast essay is one of the crucial steps for getting started. A reliable writing service can help you in writing a great compare and contrast essay if you are unable to do it on your own.


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