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4 Steps to Write an Excellent Literature Review

Working on your literature review assignment and not sure about how to write it perfectly? A literature review could either be a part of the research work or it could also be a standalone assignment. How to do the two? When a part of the research, focus on the research question and draw parallels between it and the researched sources.

In case of a standalone assignment, just present the background of the source and explain the new insight that you want to present in it. In both the cases, it is important that you choose and add credible and high quality sources that would add value to your research paper or assignment.

Since these kinds of assignments are different from the usual academic work, students often do not understand how to do it the right way. Due to this reason, many of them prefer to hand over their work to professional ‘write my essay for me’ services that specialize in providing high quality writing services.

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For those who want to know about how they could write this kind of essay perfectly and efficiently, we have added some helpful tips and steps to help you write your literature review.

Collect Credible and Relevant Sources

Before you begin writing the literature review, it is important that you search and collect relevant and high quality sources to support your claims. These sources must be relevant and offer a new insight about your research. The best way of finding such sources is to visit academic and other credible databases like your college or university’s database, JSTOR and other sources.

Write a Strong Introduction

Writing an introduction is hard and this is why many students seek help regarding it from a reliable and reputed essay writing service provider. They help them understand how to write great and effective literature in less time and with greater effectiveness.

Formulate the Main Body of the Assignment

The length of the main body section depends on the number of sources and length of your assignment. Instead of just adding all the sources in one go, you can make subsections and divide the sources into different sections. This will make it easy for you to write and make the assignment and easier for the reader to read and understand it.

How to break the sources into subsections? Follow the below given format.

Summary and Synthesis of the Source: Present a summary and analysis of the main points and themes of the source.

Analysis of the Source: Instead of just interpreting and paraphrasing the sources, analyze them in your own words and discuss its importance and relevance to your research.

Evaluate the Source Critically: After adding the interpretation of the source, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the source and explain how well they add depth into your research.

A strong introduction is the foundation and basis for a strong and engaging literature review. In the introduction, mention the main question or topic of the research and the key theme or idea that essay writer will be exploring in it. Do not give all the details here and add enough information to entice your readers.

Add Well Formatted Paragraphs and Sections: Use strong, impactful and transitional words and phrases to make parallels and comparisons between the paragraphs source and your research.

All of these sections will add depth to your research and make it more engaging and interesting.

End the Research with a Strong Conclusion

A strong conclusion is as important as a strong introduction. Since it is where you will be leaving your readers, it is your last chance to leave an impact on the readers. Do not repeat all the details but summarize the main points and why they are relevant to your research.

When working with a professional writing source,they will help you understand how to write an essay successfully and without submitting it without missing the deadline. If you need help with understanding more about your academic work then [] offers excellent and affordable help.


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