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    President’s Pen: Welcome 2021. I feel this note should be titled “welfare check”. How are the heroes? Tired. Weary. Worn out. These are all words that jump to mind. The dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. I think in review of this pandemic that the dictionary will add nurse to the definition. Have you received your vaccine? That’s the new question for all your family and friends who know you’re an emergency department nurse. I have received both doses of mine with no residual effects to date. I have heard of others who had post vaccine issues ranging from injection site pain to side effects keeping them off work for 24 hours. Scroll your social media account and everyone you know has a story. I am no expert nor am I a scientist. My desire is to share my own story and “why”. If I am being completely honest, reluctant was my initial response to the vaccine. I am not immediately trusting, no emergency ... More
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  • Intranasal ketamine is approved for use in pediatric sedation (physician-administered) and will primarily be used in the pediatric ED. The injectable product ...

  • Recently we have seen an increase in Ketamine administration by prehospital EMS and Flight Crews, for agitation, pain control and as an adjunct for RSI. ...

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