ENA Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are at the heart of ENA

ENA volunteers provide a link to nursing practice, education, research and special needs that benefit our members. As a volunteer, you will have many opportunities to network with fellow emergency nurses, advance your professional development and personal growth. Through your collaborative work, you will be able to influence the emergency nursing profession and help move the association forward.

Interested in Volunteering?

Take the next step in your ENA journey and consider volunteering to support our mission. To express your interest, follow the steps below -

  1. Update your Volunteer Profile.  This will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities you are interested in and we can even notify you as new opportunities arise that fit your skills!
  2. Review the available Volunteer Opportunities here. Volunteer Opportunities become available throughout the year for special projects. ENA's Annual Call for Volunteers begins in the Fall of 2023
  3. Apply! Instructions and requirements can be found within each opportunity

Questions about current or upcoming volunteer opportunities with ENA? Explore ena.org/volunteer to learn more, or contact us at Committees@ENA.org.