Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are evidence-based documents that facilitate the application of current evidence into everyday emergency nursing practice. CPGs contain recommendations based on a systematic review and critical analysis of the literature about a clinical question. This process may also serve as a resource for others engaged in implementing evidence-based practice in emergency nursing.

ENA believes that CPGs will have a positive impact on patient care and emergency nursing practice by bridging the gap between practice and currently available evidence.

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ENA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are developed by ENA members to provide emergency nurses with evidence-based information to utilize and implement in their care of emergency patients and families. Each CPG focuses on a clinical or practice-based issue, and is the result of a review and analysis of current information believed to be reliable. As such, information and recommendations within a particular CPG reflect the current scientific and clinical knowledge at the time of publication, are only current as of their publication date, and are subject to change without notice as advances emerge.

In addition, variations in practice, which take into account the needs of the individual patient and the resources and limitations unique to the institution, may warrant approaches, treatments and/or procedures that differ from the recommendations outlined in an CPG. Therefore, these recommendations should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of management, treatment or care, nor does the use of such recommendations guarantee a particular outcome. CPGs are never intended to replace a practitioner’s best nursing judgment based on the clinical circumstances of a particular patient or patient population. CPGs are published by ENA for educational and informational purposes only, and ENA does not approve or endorse any specific methods, practices, or sources of information. ENA assumes no liability for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to the use of or reliance on any CPG