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Thank you to all our members that have reached out to your congressmen and women and I encourage you all to continue to reach out and let them know what emergency departments face every day.  

Thank you all for all your hard work!

US H.R.1195 - Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act

Emergency nursing related Related Legislation
Bill Year Status Subject Matter Date of Last Action link Comments
SB 210-211 2021 Passed Senate; House Floor (H1) No Helmet when Riding ORV 2/17/2022 2021-SEBS-0210.pdf ( Based on ability to wear helmet
HB 4983-84 2021 House Floor Child Restraint (Weight based v/s age) 11/9/2021 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4983 (2021) Weight based v/s age
HB 5530 2021 House Health Policy Creation of Agency-Based Violence Prevention Programs 11/4/2021 2021-HIB-5530.pdf ( Requires a lot re: creating a committee etc.  Pare with SB SB 357
SB 708 2021 Senate Families, Seniors & Veterans Safe Delivery of Newborns Device Usage 10/28/2021 2021-SIB-0708.pdf ( "baby box bill"
SB 521 2021 Senate Floor Systems of Care 6/23/2021 2021-SIB-0521.pdf ( Make STEMI and STROKE like Trauma systems of care with a registry and  verification from state.
HB 5084 2021 House floor Assualts on ED Personnel - Felony 15 cosponsors 6/23/2021 Original bill
SJ 28 2022     3/17/2022    
HB 5682 2021 Passed house Assaults on ED personell--misdemeaner LIGHTER PENALTIES IF A Nurse/patient relationship!!! 3/16/2022 2022-HEBH-5682.pdf ( Passed house, on to senate
SB 464 2021 House Health Policy and Human Services Prohibit Government Interference with Patient Care 5/20/2021 2021-SIB-0464.pdf ( Require treatment to be evidenced based
SB 357 2021 Senate Health Policy & Human Services Violence Prevention Program 4/15/2021 2021-SIB-0357.pdf ( Pair with HB5530
HB 4471 2021 House Workforce, Trades & Talents No discrimination of unvaccinated employees 3/23/2021 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4471 (2021) Essentially Antivaccine bill (not specific to COVID)  
SB 67 2021 Senate Judiciary & Public Safety Assualts on ED Personnel--original felony bill 2/2/2021 2021-SIB-0067.pdf ( Makes a felony 
HB 4046 2021 Reffered to Health policy Nurse licensure compact 1/28/2021 allows MI to be a compact state
SB 6 and 7 2021 Consent for bodily exam1/ Nassar exam bill 1/13/2021 Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0006 (2021) paired with below HB 4194
HB 4194 2021 Passed house, Transmitted to senate Require consent for certain invasive body exams 2/10/2022 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4194 (2021) The Nassar exam law-prohibits vaginal or anal penetration exams while conscious or unconscious except for if necessary and within scope for surgical procedure or diagnostic exam.  
HB 4925, 26, 27, 28  2021 Committee on health policy  Intigration of Physical and behavioral health for medicaid  hould improve access to medicaid mental health patients 3/17/2022 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4925 (2021) Summary for Committee (3/17/2022) covers all the changes that affect the medical code.  Sounds like it is a good idea.  
SB 597, 598 2021 third reading Same as HB 4925,26,27 3/2/2022  
HB 5556 and 5557 2021 Reported with reccommendation from committee on education Allows community colleges to offer 4 year nursing program should help with BSN prep RN programs 2/20/2022 Fical committee
SB 191 2021 Committee on health policy  Adds PA's nad NP's to mental heath code as approved practitioners 4/29/2021 Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0191 (2021) Allows for MI NPs/PA's to assess and treat psych patients
hb4482/SB204  2021 Committee on health policy  staff to patient ratios 3/19/2021 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4482 (2021) ENA does not take a stand on staffing
HB 4484 SB 205 2021 Committee on health policy  Nurse to patient ratios 3/10/2021 ENA does not take a stand on staffing
HB 4483/SB 206 2021 Committee on health policy  Prohibits mandatory overtime except under certain circumstances 3/10/2021 Michigan Legislature - House Bill 4483 (2021) not sure if we can take a stand on this 
SB 680 2021 Introduced expandes NP roll 10/6/2021 2021-SIB-0680.pdf ( Allows for expanded privilages
SB 416 2021 Re-reffered to committee on health policy recognizes canadian exam for RN licensure 10/5/2021 Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0416 (2021)  
Draft NA Warehousing hospital beds nd draftr LARA legislation "rural Emergency hosptial"  Temporarily suspend to 0 hosptial admission beds--up to five years, essentially becomes a "freestanding ER" with on admission issues.  This will affect admissions, and EMS transport.  I susgest supporting EMS by adding language requiring hospitals to give up the ability to being the sole hospital in an MCA. DRAFT   Concerns re: this--"rural emergency" and "freestanding ER" are similar in function, may cause stress on EMS system.  
HB6086 2022 Second reading Medic licensure (Pulls out of National registry) 5/26/2022    
HB6086 2022 Second reading Temporary license extension  5826/2022   Summary for Committee (3/17/2022) covers all the changes that affect the medical code.  Sounds like it is a good idea.  
Draft NA Draft Disclosure of concealed wepon to EMS providers Being drafted   Requires Concealded wepons to be disclosed



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