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  • Member Spotlight - Jill Ballengee

    Why did you join ENA?
    ENA provides a sense of community for nurses from different Emergency Departments around Kentucky and nationally. It provides a platform for networking and socializing with like-minded colleagues and opportunities for education and further advancement in the Emergency Department setting.
    What is your involvement in ENA?
    Currently, I am employed at Clark Regional Emergency Department, and I attend meetings both virtually and in person. Previously, I was the Government Affairs Chair for the Bluegrass Chapter and have attended conferences at the State Level. I hope to attend a National Conference in the future!
    How has ENA helped you in your career?
    ENA provides continuous updates on standards of care and practice changes that I am able to share with the rest of the Emergency Department Staff at my hospital. ENA offers classes to advance my career in the ER, such as TNCC, ENPC, and other courses that are not always offered at every hospital. ENA has also provided me with a network of peers that have encouraged me to obtain national certifications and multiple friends to talk to about stressors that we encounter as ER nurses.
    What advice would you give a new ED nurse?
    The Emergency Department is a challenging atmosphere but the work that we do is extremely important and we are able to be there for people during some of the most critical times in their lives. It is sometimes easy to think about the bad that we encounter, but we do so much good and run toward situations that others would typically run away from. We are able to make such a positive impact on so many people. There will be some days that you want to give up, just push through it because it will make you a better nurse and person. Lean on your co-workers during difficult times; they become your family!
    Why did you go into ED nursing?
    I love the excitement of the ED and not knowing what is going to come through the doors. We function as a great team in high stress and critical situations. ED nurses really are superheroes!
  • Leadership and Legislative Academy

    The Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA) invites you to participate in an innovative leadership experience. The Kentucky Nurses Association's “Leadership and Legislative Academy” (LLA) is an immersive 12-week experience designed to increase nurses’ confidence and competence to influence legislation and healthcare policy through their roles as informed nurse leaders. I know you will agree with me that increasing one’s leadership skills can only be of benefit personally and professionally. To become a nursing legislative leader, can only benefit our profession overall.
    Programs like this academy typically cost between $500-$1500. The KNA is offering the program free to our members and student members. Special consideration will be offered to one non-KNA member of a KNA affiliate member organization. Join us in changing the legislative landscape for nurses and nursing, by applying today. If you know of other members of your organization who would benefit, please encourage them to apply as well.
    Preference will be given to post-licensure candidates and KNA members. Candidates must also submit two letters of recommendation, commit to fully complete both didactic and preceptorship requirements, provide transportation to Frankfort or other preceptorship sites and exhibit highly professional behavior and appearance as representatives of KNA.
    During the first six weeks, participants will complete digitally enhanced modules covering topics such as Leading with Emotional Intelligence, The Importance of Self-Reflection in Leadership, Advocacy 102, Priorities for Nurse Advocates and much more. Following completion of the didactic portion of the L & L Academy, participants will engage in an immersive two to three-day leader OR legislative internship which includes engagement with and mentorship from a legislative or healthcare leader.
    The preceptorship will culminate in completion of an immersive project and presentation of outcomes demonstrating successful achievement of LLA objectives which include:
    1. To provide the educational opportunity for Kentucky nurses to achieve personal and professional growth related to leadership and the legislative process;
    2. To engage nurses to accept a seat as leaders in their area of expertise and
    3. To engage nurses to become effective advocates for nurses and healthcare within the state of Kentucky
    The KNA will award participants with an L & L Academy certificate following successful completion of the didactic and internship phases of the LLA as evidence of this impressive professional achievement.
    Applications and accompanying requested documents such as unofficial transcripts and resume/CV are due by Friday, September 30. Legislative & Leadership Academy - Application & Program Information | Kentucky Nurses Association | Nursing Network
    Applicants will be notified by Friday, October 14 of their acceptance into the academy.
    Leadership & Legislative Academy Orientation will take place in early November.
    There is limited availability for the LLA. Consider applying or encouraging another member in your organization to accept the challenge to develop and refine leadership and advocacy skills that can make the difference with nursing issues, health and healthcare for Kentuckians.
  • $5 Mandatory CEs!

    We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA). This affiliation will allow for collaboration, networking, and the opportunity to support each other in all that we do for nurses in the Commonwealth.

    One way the KNA can support you is through education. By July 1, 2023, all Kentucky nurses must complete mandatory trainings on Implicit Bias (1.5 CEs) and Prevention of Nurse Suicide (2.4 CEs). Through the KNA Education platform, you can complete this for a nominal fee of $5 each!

    These classes were proposed to the Kentucky Board of Nursing by the KNA and Kentucky Nurses Action Coalition (KNAC) in an effort to save the lives of nurses and patients.

    To find these educational offerings and other offerings, click on this link.

    If you have an organization that would like to cover the cost of this training for their teams, a 10% discounted rate will be available for access for over 100 nurses.