• Last Meeting of 2019

    Friday, November 8th at 12 noon will be our last state ENA meeting for 2019 and it is going to be a big one. We will be meeting in Orange Beach at the Orange Beach Conference Center.  Please plan to attend in person (lunch will be served at 1130) or by call in.  Specific Information about location and call-in is being finalized, so look for next week’s email. . Kristen Cline our national ENA board liaison will be with us, sharing the latest information from ENA. We will also be reporting on the 2019 ENA General Assembly and ENA 2019 . Awesome Austin ENA 2019 was fantastic. So many great speakers with such timely topics. Our opening speaker was Carolyn Jones, the documentary filmmaker who has been working with ENA on the documentary “In Case of Emergency” that will open in May .  This is about Emergency Nurses and Emergency Nursing. The clips she shared with us were so moving, I can hardly wait for the film to be released.  We will be bring the film to Alabama  (more information to come)   2020 ENA celebrates 50 years and may thing are being planned – so stay informed.


    Our thoughts are with our East Alabama Medical Center Family who are coping with the loss of their Emergency Department Nursing Director Sharon Gess.  We are here to support you during this difficult time.



    Thank you for what you do every day.  Everyday heroes, every day.

    It has been an honor to represent you.

    Nancy Shelton

    2018 – 2019 Alabama ENA President