Community Moderators - Critical Access Hospital Community

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Starts: 07-12-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


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ENA is seeking several volunteers to serve as ENA CONNECT Moderators for our new 
Critical Access Hospital community. Community Moderators are volunteers who support the Community Admin by regularly interacting with other members in the community and moderate the ongoing discussions within. 

Community Moderators must: 

  • Be a current ENA Member working in a Critical Access Hospital (CAH)
  • Have a completed profile including professional photo, accurate name, title, contact information, and an updated discussion signature 
  • Have a working knowledge of the various features and functions of ENA CONNECT 
  • Be familiar with ENA CONNECT Code of Conduct and flag any inappropriate posts 
  • Regularly engage in conversation and start new discussion threads when conversation lags  
  • Set email preferences to “Real Time” for your community and closed moderators community to ensure that you receive key updates and have an idea of the discussions happening within the communities 
  • Communicate openly with other Community Moderators and Community Admin. Utilize the closed community to communicate with the Community Admin and other Community Moderators. 
  • Serve as a resource for others who are learning or in need of assistance 
  • Support the Community Admin to ensure the goals and metrics of the community are being met 

          Time Commitment:  

          To ensure the success of a community, Community Moderators must maintain an active and visible presence within the community. Community Moderators must commit to the following participation expectations: 

          • Periodically start new discussion threads. Be willing to post 1-3 times per week. 
          • Respond to unanswered posts within 48-72 hours  
          • Welcome new members to the community 
          • Moderate discussions for inappropriate content 
          • Create at least 20 seed questions prior to launch in coordination with the Admins 

          Volunteers Needed:

          4 (4 open slots)

          Experience Required:

          See Opportunity Criteria for Details


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