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    Colleagues,  You may enjoy this free newsletter- Judy Tintinelli is the editor, and you just sign up to receive it in the mail, monthly.  I get some great education from it. Simply go to epmonthly.com and fill out the information. I got my first issue ...

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    RE: Ultrasound IVs

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    Many of our nurses on each shift are trained in Ultrasound guided IV's.  The training is not time consuming but it is beneficial to the whole team. Once proficient the US IV doesn't take much more time than the typical IV placement. We utilize our Dr's ...

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    Hello All, It is a pleasure to belong to the ENA. My name is Bethany and I have been in Emergency Room Nursing for six years with a previous eight years of experience in emergency medicine in the prehospital world as a paramedic. I consider paramedicine ...

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