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    Colleagues,  You may enjoy this free newsletter- Judy Tintinelli is the editor, and you just sign up to receive it in the mail, monthly.  I get some great education from it. Simply go to epmonthly.com and fill out the information. I got my first issue ...

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    ​We just started this same policy at our organization. We are also not allowed drink stations. We do have a break room within the department where staff have a small table by the door inside the room to keep drinks. Our Providers also are not allowed ...

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    RE: Rapid Infuser

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    With Belmonts, using larger gauge access, PRBCs can go in at around 750ml/min. But flow rates aside (because these days they are comparable as long as you use the right tubing and large access), with the Belmont you don't have to burp the bags, you don't ...

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