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    Colleagues,  You may enjoy this free newsletter- Judy Tintinelli is the editor, and you just sign up to receive it in the mail, monthly.  I get some great education from it. Simply go to epmonthly.com and fill out the information. I got my first issue ...

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    ​Hi Kellie, I looked through my old files and while we talked a lot about high risk meds...there was never a test we used. (I too used the BKAT) Hopefully someone else will have something to share.. ------------------------------ Lisa Gilmore, DNP, ...

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    RE: ED falls prevention

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    ​Here is the text from the ER at the hospital I work for. Hope it helps. Policy A Fall can be defined as "Any unplanned descent to the floor or some lower level, with or without injury to the patient as stated in the National Database of Nursing ...

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